Windows 11: Microsoft is ‘working on’ 3D emojis — here’s what they may look like

Windows 11 may finally get the striking, stand-out emojis we’ve been waiting for. In response to a tweet expressing a yearning desire for 3D emojis, Microsoft Distinguished Designer Nando Costa said “we’re working on it.”

Last November, Microsoft rolled out a new collection of characters called “Fluent Emojis,” but instead of an uproarious applause, the Redmond-based tech giant was greeted with disillusioned grumbles. Why? Well, they weren’t the animated, 3D emojis Microsoft promised. Perhaps the next-gen emojis will better align with users’ expectations (h/t The Verge).

3D emojis may be coming to Windows 11 after all

Costa recently authored a LinkedIn blog post that pulled the curtains back on Microsoft’s emoji creation process. 

Windows 11 3D emojis

Concept: Windows 11 3D emojis (Image credit: Microsoft)

Costa posted the article on his Twitter, which impelled Ethan Alvarée to reply. “Lovely. Wish they actually looked like this on Windows 11,” he said, referring to the article’s accompanying 3D emoji images that look nothing like the current-gen smileys. Costa agreed with Alvarée and told him that 3D emojis are in the works.

Windows 11 3D emojis

Concept: Windows 11 3D emojis (Image credit: Microsoft)

In August 2021, Microsoft shared teasing photos of slick, eye-catching 3D emoji designs on its official Windows Twitter page. The Redmond-based tech giant showed off new emoji concepts for Clippy, the crying-laughing smiley and more.

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