You can use the new Asus Zenbook OLED 14X with 12th Gen Intel CPU in space

If any weirdo billionaires invite you on a space flight anytime soon, Asus has got you covered with the brand-new Zenbook OLED 14X Space Edition — unveiled at CES 2022, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Asus P6300 laptop’s 600-day presence on the Mir space station.

Alongside this, Asus has also refreshed its regular non-space Zenbook OLED 14 too, with both now coming with 12th Gen Intel CPUs and 2.8k OLED touchscreens, which sets the pair of them up to be properly productive powerhouses.

Asus Zenbook OLED 14X Space Edition: To infinity and beyond

The new Zenbook OLED 14X Space Edition channels a unique design flair with sci-fi-esque markings all over the shell that are actually morse code for “Ad Astra Per Aspera” (“Through the hardships to the Stars” in Latin). 

(Image credit: Asus)

Alongside this, for personal expression, you’ll find a customizable 3.5-inch “ZenVision” OLED screen on the lid, which can be customized to show whatever you want. But of course, the pièce de résistance comes from its durability. 

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