Say goodbye to Qualcomm Snapdragon — ‘new era’ of chips coming in 2021

Qualcomm confirms it will drop its own name on Snapdragon platforms to make way for a “new era” of standalone product branding. Say goodbye to triple-digit smartphone chips and hello to “fireball” logos.

The San Diego semiconductor giant announced a number of new changes coming in 2021, including separating its signature “Qualcomm” name on Snapdragon products, introducing new colors to represent the products category, and transitioning to single-digit branding on its popular mobile chips. Instead of Snapdragon 888, expect a new “flagship Snapdragon 8-series platform.”

Other changes include Qualcomm’s iconic “fireball” symbol being used to represent the brand more prominently, while new colors such as Midnight, Gunmetal, Nickel, Snapdragon Red, and Gold will be used to represent the “tier” of the product. For example, gold will be used on premium ships and products.

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