Best laptops for remote learning

The best laptops for remote learning will continue to be crucial in 2021 as many will stick to remote learning having seen how productive it can be. Particularly for older students, many might have found that they prefer remote learning.

Some of these students may be just as well served by our best college laptops, but there some unique pieces to remote learning that lead us to draw a line there and we’ll highlight those when relevant. Whether the remote learner is in elementary school, middle school, high school or beyond these are the best laptops to help them succeed in a remote learning environment.

For many remote learners, a Chromebook is probably the right answer. The simplicity, security and familiarity make them an excellent solution. Students can log into the Chromebook with their school address and the Chromebook will immediately be populated with all of the apps and content that they need. With touchscreens and support for Android apps now commonplace in these versatile laptops, a Chromebook is ideally suited for many remote learners.

Windows laptop

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For high school age and beyond, some remote learners will want to consider Windows 10 or macOS laptops depending on their areas of study. Students who are working with content creation, whether that be photography, videography, or music will require the software and hardware performance found in laptops with either operating system. And while there are numerous learn-to-code resources available for Chromebooks, the more robust tools found in Windows or macOS will be necessary especially for those interested in iOS or macOS programming as this can only be done on a Mac.

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