Inside Microsoft Mesh, Beefing Up Customer Service

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Are learning management systems going to boost institutions’ learning strategies? What metrics can marketers use to drive marketing outcomes? How can businesses continue to give customers great customer service? Meanwhile, we are diving deeper into the CX Decoded podcast with lessons taught by a marketing leader. 

Quick, Catch Me Up:

  • What Is a Learning Management System Kaya Ismail | Nov. 15. You’ve probably heard of MOOCs, ADL and LMS, but what exactly is LMS? LMS is short for Learning Management System. This system allows businesses and educational institutions to develop and manage lessons, courses, quizzes and other training resources. 
  • Microsoft Mesh and Its Place in Microsoft’s Metaverse Ambitions David Roe | Nov. 15. Microsoft unveiled a slew of new features and upgrades, many of which will be introduced in the workplace over the coming year. Everyone was waiting to see what we’d get for Teams. What we got was Mesh for Teams, Microsoft’s latest mixed reality offering built on Azure.
  • 3 Metrics Will Drive Marketing Outcomes in 2022 Jonathan Moran | Nov. 15. People are rethinking basic life elements such as their education, where and how they work, what they do in their leisure time, where they live, and so on. As companies change alongside their consumers, they want to know what works and what doesn’t, what is important to their customers and what is important to their employees.
  • What Does Proactive Customer Service Mean for Brands? Scott Clark | Nov. 16. It is difficult to provide exceptional customer support experiences in today’s world. Customers are more likely to recall unpleasant emotional experiences than positive ones, and they want firms to respond to customer care problems swiftly and effectively.
  • CX Decoded Podcast: Candid Tales With Marketing Leader Tom Wentworth Rich Hein and Dom Nicastro | Nov. 16. Tom Wentworth has been there and done that in the field of digital customer experience software. Wentworth, who is currently the chief marketing officer at cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, spent years as a marketing and product executive with vendors such as Interwoven, Ektron, Acquia, CMS and digital CX arena.
  • 4 Customer Experience Lessons to Help SMBs Win in 2022 Jason VandeBoom | Nov. 17. When COVID-19 lockdowns caused many small firms to close their doors and go virtual overnight, the future seemed dismal for a moment. While it’s unfortunate that many businesses never recovered, post-pandemic statistics reveal that more than half of small-to-medium-sized enterprises have recovered. 
  • 5 Ways to Avoid Giving Your Customers a Skimpflation Experience Shep Hyken | Nov. 17. Many organizations and businesses, you may have noticed, are failing to give the same level of customer service and experience that we have all grown to expect. Perhaps you’ve noticed longer lines, unusually long wait times when calling customer service, shorter business hours, canceled flights, fewer staff in a store to assist you; in short, worse service standards than in the past.
  • Getting Smart Answers With Intelligent Search Seth Earley | Nov. 17. Organizations are always striving to enhance findability and search performance. Although the process is complex, artificial intelligence technologies such as sophisticated machine learning and text analytics are assisting these firms in improving performance and increasing user happiness.
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence Takes Root Myles Suer | Nov. 17. CIOs perceive a variety of motivators for self-service BI. The idea is to make data and analytics teams less of a barrier for organizations that need to respond quickly in today’s market. Without a doubt, concepts such as information democracy have broadened the audience that need data access. 

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