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Conversica, a conversational AI solution provider, announced new Conversational Account-Based Marketing (ABM) capabilities available through its AI Assistants.

Conversica’s Conversational ABM solution automates personalized outreach across email, SMS and website chat. It leverages account-based insights, such as firmographic, buyers’ persona, sales stage and intent data to assist Conversica AI Assistants. The AI Assistant is designed to autonomously interpret the next best action and drive accounts and contacts toward revenue-generating decisions.

Updates include:

  • ABM outreach skill: Conversica now has three new ABM-specific conversations based on account-focused engagement tactics: leveraging customer testimonials, relating to known business challenges and highlighting tangible results to the problems that specific personas face.
  • Marketing skill updates: Four existing Marketing Assistant conversations intended to cultivate early interest with fresh contacts, re-engage accounts that expressed previous interest and generate new interest with current customers through partner cross-sell and prospecting opportunities.
  • Account-based data: Account-based data and attributes.
  • Conversation rules: Enables customers to define initial conversation routing logic based on account and contact attributes, including persona, industry, region, intent, action, interest and more.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news…

Litmus Adds New Features

Litmus, an email marketing provider, has announced new capabilities that aim to boost efficiency and collaboration across email workflow. Updates include enhancements to the following:

  • Litmus Builder, which supports email creation and design
  • Litmus Proof, which provides automated reminders and enables users to review and approve emails
  • Metrics in Litmus Email Analytics

New integrations with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Intilery empower customers to build and test emails in one centralized location. Litmus’ integration with Adobe Journey Optimizer allows users to create automated and personalized, customer journey-based experiences at scale.

Lily AI Announces Customer Intent Platform for Ecommerce

Lily AI, a customer intent platform for ecommerce, has announced that its solution is now available globally. It is designed to help retailers improve on-site search, personalized product discovery, recommendations and demand prediction.

The company’s platform injects product attribute data and customer intent into the ecommerce stack. The customer intent platform turns qualitative product attributes into a universal mathematical language. It also uses AI-powered image recognition to extract product attributes.

NICE CXone Adds Intelligent Self-Service, Agent Engagement Solutions

NICE has announced its CXone Fall 2021 release. It includes new conversational AI bots that act on consumer requests and context changes.

It also includes advanced intelligence for voice and chat self-service with out-of-the-box, machine learning-infused capabilities. CXone SmartAssist — an intelligent virtual assistant that automates complex conversations with customers — is powered by Amelia, which provides conversational AI.

A CXone Bot Builder helps businesses with digital chatbot development — from building and testing to improvement and deployment. A new API integration allows bots to connect with internal or third-party applications to automate new self-service use cases. CXone Answers is a new solution that combines CXone Bot Builder with knowledge management (CXone Expert).

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