Facebook’s Meta smartwatch leaked — an Apple Watch contender with a camera notch

After Facebook rebranded the company to Meta, ready to expand all the services the company plans to offer, we may already know the first device the newly named company is working on thanks to a design leak.

Spotted by Bloomberg, images of a Meta smartwatch were found on Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, showing off a rounded design and a large display akin to the Apple Watch Series 7. The one feature that clearly sets itself apart from any other smartwatch is the small camera notch placed at the bottom. If Apple’s recent MacBook Pro design flaw is anything to go by, this may be met with criticism. 

According to the report, the Meta smartwatch will have detachable wrist straps and a button at the top of the case. Previous rumors indicate the wearable will have two built-in cameras, with pictures easily being shared to Meta social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. One camera will be placed at the front, while the other will be placed at the rear.

Meta’s smartwatch is also rumored to support cellular, which means a smartphone isn’t needed for it to function. As expected, it will also have health tracking features. Since Meta aims to take virtual reality to new heights, there’s reason to believe the watch will add to many features on the Oculus Quest 2, including fitness apps such as FitXR

(Image credit: Meta)

Facebook has yet to officially announce the device, so take this in with a pinch of salt. Meta will face big competition with Apple, especially if it’s set to feature a camera notch. However, VR compatibility may give it an edge.

The Meta rebranding wasn’t the only big announcement made at the recent Facebook Connect 2021 event, including a new, high-end VR headset codenamed Project Cambria, along with Grand Theft Auto coming to the Oculus Quest 2. 

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