Automation Anywhere New Solution Looks to Speed Delivery & Reduce Hold Times

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Intelligent automation company Automation Anywhere released its latest addition, Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers last week – an AI-driven automation solution meant to connect customer services with consumers.

Working to allow customer service agents to become more efficient in finding, retrieving and updating information, Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers operates on top of Automation 360, the company’s robotic automation platform. The platform also includes AARI, Automation Anywhere’s “robotic interface” allowing business users to automate tasks and interactions across multiple systems.

The company says AARI, acting as a personal robotic assistant, can scale to support thousands of live or virtual agents. In addition, AARI along with Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers is now able to automate connections across multiple record systems, increase response time and complete data for virtual agents, along with connecting integrations for different APIs – resulting in more flexibility for either AI or in-person agents when responding to customers.

“The last thing today’s leading brands want to do is ask a customer to ‘hold please,’ while service teams scramble to find account details, order history, or other information they need to quickly solve a customer problem,” said Mike Micucci, Automation Anywhere’s CEO. “Our cloud-native automation platform works with all contact center platforms to connect data and automate manual processes, empowering agents to solve problems, faster.”

Today, Automation Anywhere operates as a cloud operation platform, meant to deliver robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to companies across all industries and in over 90 different countries. The platform automates end-to-end business processes, offering a cloud-native platform including RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to automate repetitive tasks and build enterprise agility – something Automation Anywhere says allows human workers to “pivot to the next big idea, build deeper customer relationships and drive business growth.”

“Using Automation Anywhere to automate our contact center operations has allowed us to improve our average customer call handling times with superior data accuracy, and increase our transactions,” said Manish Pandya, Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation at TaskUs, a provider of outsourced digital services and customer experience. “By automating account verification, case summary notes, next-step guidance, and post-call follow-up, we’ve improved the customer experience.”

Last week’s addition of Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers is just the latest release from Automation Anywhere, as the company continues to expand its offerings in the world of automation.

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