Apple now sells a $20 cloth — and it’s sold out until December

Apple would never launch two brand new MacBook Pro models with super-powered CPUs and mini-LED displays and miss the opportunity to sell consumers a “Polishing cloth” for another $20. According to Apple, the cloth is specifically designed to be used on Apple devices, and it has already sold out because brand loyalty is an addiction. 

The company states the cloth is made from “soft, nonabrasive material,” which probably means microfiber, but Apple makes it sound like it was discovered on Mars by a rover and sent back to Earth just for Apple users. The product description continues, “the Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively.” Apple then lists every product they’ve ever made as being compatible with the polishing cloth — but here’s a hint: it works for non-Apple products, too! 

If you were hoping to get a hold of one, you’re going to have to wait a while as the magic Apple polishing cloth has already sold out. If you ordered one at this moment, you would be given an expected delivery date of December 6 to 17 (though that date may change based on when you’re reading this). 

Apple Polishing Cloth

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple recommends cleaning your devices with a lint-free cloth, minimal wiping, and not using cleaners on your products. However, if your device does need a severe clean, you should use isopropyl alcohol. For further details, you can check out Apple’s cleaning support doc

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