MacBook Pro 14 vs. Dell XPS 13: Which premium laptop should you buy

The new MacBook Pro 14 fixes just about everything that its predecessors got wrong. It comes with Apple’s first in-house pro chips, ample ports for creators and professionals, a standard function row instead of the Touchbar, and a high-res webcam housed under a notch. But can it beat the Dell XPS 13, which has surpassed the MacBook as the gold standard for laptops in recent years?

The Dell XPS 13 offers all the hardware you’d expect from a high-end laptop in a portable body that’s about a pound lighter than the MacBook Pro 14. On top of that, it’s much more affordable despite boasting features absent from the MacBook Pro, such as facial unlock. So which one should you buy?

MacBook Pro 14 vs Dell XPS 13: Price and configurations 

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