Which crypto exchange has the best customer support? We investigated Coinbase, Binance US, Kraken and more

“Which crypto exchange has the best customer service?” is a question that concerns crypto holders as they hunt for trustworthy platforms that can competently address their pressing issues. I investigated five of the most popular crypto exchanges: Coinbase, Binance US, Gemini, KuCoin and Kraken. Truth be told, for the exception of one platform, chaos, anarchy and turmoil could submerge your account into the pits of “Holy crap! I need urgent help” hell, and you still wouldn’t be able to reach a live agent to meet your immediate needs.

Coinbase, Binance US, Gemini and KuCoin don’t have readily available live support teams. Some will allow you to speak to a rep only after they’ve determined your case is significant enough for a phone chat — others don’t have phone support at all. On one hand, it’s understandable that crypto exchanges don’t want to clutter their phone centers with frivolous calls, but on the other, if you need urgent support, you have no choice but to twiddle your thumbs and wait for an email or Twitter reply.

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