Apple Music spotted on PS5 — Apple and Sony relationship is growing

Apple Music may be the new music streaming service gamers flock to, as the app has now been spotted on the PS5’s music menu. Both companies have yet to officially announce the service coming to PS5, but it’s likely to arrive after Apple and Sony’s recent partnership.

Spotted by a Reddit user (via Eurogamer), the user claimed to have seen the option to stream music using the Cupertino tech giant’s service. This allows PlayStation users to listen to music while playing games, which is usually done through Spotify. The user posted what was shown. 

(Image credit: Reddit / u/HOLYWARS1990)

According to the post, they tried selecting the option, only to be shown an error message stating: “This app is only playable on PS4.” As Eurogamer points out, this is a standard error message when users try to download missing apps on PS5. Interestingly, when Eurogamer tried to get the Apple Music option, they couldn’t on a UK account, but could on a US account. However, the option only showed up once. Personally, I also tried to recreate the same conditions, but couldn’t find the app.

Sony could be testing out the Apple Music app on PS5 for now, gearing up to launch the music service soon. While yet to be announced, Sony recently partnered with Apple before, offering PS5 owners six months of Apple TV+ for free. If this is the case, owners may get the same deal for Apple Music once it officially appears on the console.

Sony and Apple appear to be developing a partnership of sorts, first with the Apple TV+ deal, and then with the potential Apple Music option. The PS5 DualSense controller is also available to purchase in the Apple Store, although Apple is known to see third-party devices. Will we see Apple and Sony develop a stronger relationship in the near future? Only time will tell.

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