These live wallpapers help you manage your Android screen time

There are a whole bunch of ways to cut back on smartphone use. You can monitor your screen time, set limits on your most addictive apps, pause or hide notifications when you need to focus, the list goes on. But if none of these work for you, how about a wallpaper that constantly reminds you of your unhealthy phone relationship? 

Live wallpapers on Android can keep you on your toes and help you meet your digital wellbeing goals. No longer do you have to dig into your settings to check your screen time stats. On your homescreen, they actively display figures, such as how often you unlock your phone, on which type of app you spend most of your time, and more. Here are the best digital wellbeing live wallpaper apps you should try on your Android phone. 

Screen time stats are just a wallpaper away with WellPaper

OnePlus’s cleverly named WellPaper app condenses your screen time stats into an abstract live wallpaper. It lets you visualize the amount of time you spend on various categories of apps — like entertainment and gaming — by dynamically updating the wallpaper’s gradients. 

(Image credit: OneLab)

Here’s how WellPaper works: It assigns a color to each of the six kinds of apps, including entertainment, gaming, social, lifestyle and communication, information and business, and tools. The app then crafts three different live wallpapers with these colors. Based on how much you use a particular app type, its category’s color becomes more or less prominent in the wallpaper as you use your phone throughout the day. 

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