Nintendo confirms 4K Switch Pro never existed — nobody is convinced

Nintendo denies that it has been working on the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro with 4K support after a report claimed the Japanese gaming giant was supplying tools to game developers to make 4K-capable Switch games. However, fans still think otherwise.

Nintendo confirmed on Twitter that it has “no plans” for any other Switch model, except for the Nintendo Switch OLED Model set to arrive on October 8. The company’s denial was in response to a Bloomberg report claiming that Nintendo supplied 11 companies with development kits to create Switch games with 4K support. 

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As the report states, companies including large publishers and small studios received 4K development kits. As we know, the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED is not capable of 4K resolution. Its updates include a sizeable 7-inch OLED display panel, enhanced audio, a new dock with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and a new wide adjustable stand.

This leads many to believe a 4K-capable Switch was either in the works or Nintendo is still planning to release the sought-after console. However, Nintendo states that claims in Bloomberg’s report are “not true,” and a spokesperson from one of the companies mentioned, Zynga, has said that it “does not have a 4K developer kit from Nintendo.”

Despite the confirmation, fans still believe plans for the Nintendo Switch Pro with 4K support still exist. On the post on Twitter, many have commented their own thoughts on the situation, with some stating that Nintendo has previously denied plans for a console, only to release one days later. For example, streamer Noah points out the release of the DS Lite. 

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Nintendo Switch Pro isn’t off the table 

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