OLED iPad Air in 2022 reportedly canceled — Apple and Samsung scrap plans

Rumor has it Apple has been planning to release an OLED iPad in 2022, but developments on the Cupertino giant’s sought-after tablet may now be scrapped after a disagreement with OLED display panel manufacturer, Samsung Display.

Apple and Samsung Display were gearing up to launch the 10.86-inch OLED iPad, expected to be an upcoming iPad Air, by 2022, but have now canceled the project due to the structure of the OLED panels, profitability issues, or both. 

According to sources speaking with The Elec (via iMore), Apple wanted a two-stack structure for its OLED iPad, which would increase the brightness levels and the lifespan of the iPad. However, Samsung Display aimed to use a single-stack structure as it would decrease costs. 

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