LG Tone Free FP8 review

The LG Tone FP8 is the latest release in the electronics giant’s true wireless portfolio that blends the series’ biggest features together into a sleek package. I’m talking active noise cancellation, professional quality hi-fi audio courtesy of Meridian, extensive listening modes, reliable battery life, and steady connectivity. More importantly, these buds do something that no non-LG model can: clean themselves via UVnano technology.

On paper, this is some serious firepower that should allow the Tone Free FP8 to share the same space as category leaders such as the AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4. Had it not been for a few missteps with ANC and call quality, that would certainly be the case. Nonetheless, the Tone Free FP8 will appease your entertainment and germophobic needs like no other buds out there.

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