The best cases for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max

With glass on the front and back and either aluminum or stainless steel around the edge, no matter how tough Tim Cook says the iPhones are, they are scratch magnets. Not only that, but with no real protection around the corners of the screen glass, that ceramic shield isn’t going to withstand many drops.

You can save yourself the anxiety (and the cost of repair) with a cover, but fear not! None of this means you need to put some over-the-top monstrosity of a case on your phone that makes it virtually unpocketable. We’ve handpicked some sleek, stylish options that you won’t feel embarrassed to pull out of your pocket.

Get a screen protector

But first, before we get to the cases, let’s worry about the front of the phone. Screen protectors come in all forms and prices. It may be tempting to get one of the dirt cheap ones from Amazon, but stop right there! They are usually not cut accurately to the correct size, and are of a cheaper material that degrades far quicker.

(Image credit: Invisible Shield)

I won’t go ahead and say this is definitively the best screen protector, but with all my past iPhone screen protector purchases, I have never been let down by the Invisible Shield Glass XTR. It goes for around $60 and feels nicely smooth to the touch.

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