Microsoft Surface Pro 8 leak reveals 120Hz display and replaceable SSDs — priced from $799

Microsoft is gearing up for its anticipated Surface event taking place on September 22 and while all eyes are on the long-awaited Surface Pro 8, the detachable tablet may have already been exposed.

According to a recent leak, Microsoft’s next Surface device is expected to boast an Intel 11th Gen CPU, Thunderbolt support, replaceable SSDs, and a 13-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate and narrow bezels. What’s more, the leak claims the Surface Pro 8 will be priced from $799. 

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As spotted by leaker Shadow_Leak on Twitter, the picture shows off what appears to be a retail listing, showcasing the Surface Pro 8’s thin bezels, rear kickstand, and detachable keyboard. The design remains largely the same as the more recent Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 7+, but the image also shows the signature Windows 11 background.

Windows 11 is set to arrive on October 5. This suggests Microsoft will reveal the Surface Pro 8 at its virtual event on September 22, and make the device available to coincide with the launch of Windows 11.

Recent credible leaks have already indicated the performance improvements the Surface Pro 8 will bring. The convertible tablet will be equipped with the latest Intel 11th Gen CPUs, the same used in the latest flock of laptops. We’re also hearing that the tablet could get up to 32GB of RAM, which would be surprising for such a compact machine (many ultra-thin laptops stop at 16GB). 

The retail leak does not state what kind of Thunderbolt ports will be fitted on the Surface Pro 8, but Thunderbolt 4 is the likely contender. The swappable SSDs are a welcome feature, but only time will tell if the Surface Pro 8 delivers on this leak’s promise. Plus, with the 120Hz refresh rate upgrade, the Surface Pro 8 will rival Apple’s iPad Pro 2021.

As for the Surface Pro 8’s price tag, you’ll find the Surface Pro 7 has a $749 base retail price. Microsoft keeps the price of their Surface Pro tablet fairly consistent, but we’re still looking at a $50 bump in cost.

Whatever the case, take this all in with a pinch of salt. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 has been a long time coming, especially after the Surface Pro 7 disappointed with below-average battery life while the Surface Pro X remains hamstrung by its ARM-based processor and high price. 

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