Lost in Random review: A lukewarm tale

Lost in Random is a compelling homage to the works of Tim Burton and films from studio Laika. It’s easily comparable to The Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline. Any fans of woeful fairy tales and stop-motion animation are sure to find something to like within the twisted world of Random. This is where the game excels; its grim yet humorous interactions, dark atmosphere, and eccentric environments coalesce into a wicked world that inspires the desire to explore.

Unfortunately, Lost in Random is also mechanically underwhelming. Combining an action RPG, card game and board game is a unique concept, but it lacks polish. There’s a few poorly realized board game gimmicks, a janky aiming system, and a lack of fresh enemy designs. The combat is competent enough to be fun, as the game boasts some memorable boss fights and encounters, but it gets frustrating.

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